Refresh your entire look with a Rosenthal
Apa Group Cosmetic Smile Makeover,
which is an easy and painless process. Dr.
Larry Rosenthal and Dr. Michael Apa can
create a natural-looking, youthful smile in
just one week.

You are an excellent candidate for a
Cosmetic Smile Makeover if you feel
self-conscious for any of the following

– Crooked Teeth
– Discoloration
– Worn Teeth
– Chipped Teeth
– Spaced Teeth

Dr. Rosenthal and Dr. Apa collaborate
with the patient to model the perfect
smile, since every smile and face are
distinctive. The Rosenthal Apa Group
team of specialists then do a direct
bonding mockup to show the patient
what their smile will look like after the

The Cosmetic Smile Makeover begins
with a private consultation with the
preferred doctor. The Rosenthal Apa
Group team of specialists then uses
patented smile imaging technology to
show the patient how the new smile will
appear, working with them to factor in
several elements, including face shape,
tooth color, tooth size, light refraction,
age, and skin tone. This is the essence of
true smile design.

To learn more about the additional
benefits of the Cosmetic Smile Makeover,
please read our philosophy on Facial
Aesthetic Design